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Does your organization need an entertaining, insightful speaker for an event or do you belong to a Rotary club, probus club, Industry organizations, Trade association or Chamber of Commerce. Jeff has  years of business experience at small business level, Business Development roles and proven experience building Membership organisations.We offer entertaining speakers FREE of Charge on the following topics;

  1. Recession proof your business
  2. The ONE reason that start up businesses fail + no its not lack of cash!
  3. Why Not for Profits need to concentrate on Profit
  4. Smart marketing tactics that will cost you next to nothing
  5. Referral Marketing – Why it the best way
  6. Are you running at 100%
  7. Six really boring things that businesses need to do to survive then thrive in any type of economy
  8. The first question that every business owner needs to ask themselves ..any why none of them ever do
  9. The cleverest businesses in New Zealand?
  10. Why businesses need to Keep Score?
  11. Any of the articles at our news and articles web site
  12. Topic of your choice – must give us plenty of notice!


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