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Jeff Smith | Boost Business


Jeff Smith Marketing WanganuiJeff has successfully run and grown two Chambers of Commerce and has been able to take some of the experience picked up in these roles to assist and help businesses in growing and creating profitable enterprises.

In 2001 Jeff was in charge of rejuvenating the Wanganui Chamber of Commerce. During this time Jeff Increased membership from 80 to 270 full financial members and created three major Chamber sponsorship categories & With the local media created, sold sponsorship and managed the inaugural 2004 and2005 Wanganui Business Awards.These are still being run today.

In 2005 Jeff was asked to rejuvenate the Northland Chamber of Commerce, a 105 year old organization and Increased membership from 180 to 430 full financial members, Grew the Northland Business awards year on year (2006, 2007, 2008)  and turning the event into the major fund raiser for the Chamber.

Jeff runs BOOST Business which helps Businesses market & organise themselves and also runsThousand Dollar Websites which supplies turnkey websites and education to help small businesses from Australia, UK, USA, Canada and New Zealand to attract customers.